Zimbabwe & Zambia August 2019

We aim to create 4 new sewing groups and a route to distribute the menstruation kits at local rural schools in the surrounding areas.

The trip

Fly into Harare and drive, with a jeep, to collect 3 women from our ambassador sewing group at Imire Rhino Conservancy to continue onto Zambia. The idea is to set up a sewing group in Makuti, near the Zambian border, where we distributed menstrual kits last year. The sewing group in Makuti will be established in collaboration with Mwinilunga Safari Camp at Mana Pools and will include teachers from a rural school as well as woman guards from the national park.

Next up is Lusaka, where we intend to buy sewing machines and material to take up to the farm where we will be based in the Copperbelt, close to the border with Congo, and set up a new sewing group.

After training is finished in the Copperbelt, we will travel down to Kafue National Park where, in collaboration with Mu-Fungata Safaris, we will set up a new sewing group with women from the surrounding villages. The idea is for this sewing group to become self sustainable by donations from tourists and volunteer programs already in place.

Following Mu-Fungata training, we will drive down to the Zambezi Valley to a safari camp called Tamarind where we will teach a group of women how to create the mestruale kits to be distributed to local schools. Also, ideally, to be self-sustained through donations from tourists and volunteers.

Last stop is Livingstone, a big town on the border with Zimbabwe at the Victoria Falls, where in collaboration with African Impact, we will set up our last sewing group. As this is an important tourist location, we hope this group too will be self-sustained from tourists and volunteers.

We hope to set the basis to what can be an ever expanding craft, from sanitary pads to clothing or school uniforms, to be sold to friends, markets and shops.

Donations to Padding Africa go to establishing sewing groups and creating a first batch of menstrual kits to be distributed in rural schools in surrounding areas.

A last drive will take us back to Imire. The Numwa women are home after a long adventure.

Tanya will then fly to Joburg where she’ll travel to Mozambique to continue setting up sewing groups and volunteer programs in collaboration with Icorp Anti-poaching unit.