The Trip 2018

We will be distributing reusable sanitary pad kits in ZIMBABWE, ZAMBIA and BOTSWANA.

We will be starting in HARARE in Zimbabwe and pick up the sanitary pad kits that are being made by a mothers group in WEDZA at the Numwa School and give some of them to a couple of schools there. Next stop is in MANA POOLS near the Zambia boarder where we are arranging a sanitary kit drop with 200 school girls.

Then going on to Zambia through to LIVINGSTONE where we have some more schools, where we will teach the girls on hygiene matters and talk to the elder women on making pads for the girls.

From there we travel through Botswana where we will meet with girls at school near MAUN.

Then back to Zimbabwe passing through BULAWAYO, where we will be visiting another school, and then back to HARARE.

The trip will be around 2550 km in 16 days camping it all the way distributing a total of 1500 sanitary kits.